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    Ayous, which is famous by the name African Whitewood, is a pale yellow lumber that is famous for being easy to work with. It is used in plywood, furniture, veneer, carvings, and structural construction.

    Ayous Wood (Standard)

    Size Various
    Length 2.30m; 2.60m; 2.90m; 3.20m; 3.50m; 3.80m
    Thickness 25mm; 50mm; 80mm
    Width 100mm+


    Kiln Dried Yes
    Moisture content 10-15%
    Durability Low to Moderate
    Average density 380 kg/m3
    Janka rating 440 lbf (1,960 N)
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    Ayous or Obeche is a light-coloured African hardwood primarily found in Central West Africa, in and around Ghana and the Ivory Coast. It has a pale yellow heartwood and lighter sapwood. Ribbon-like stripes commonly appear on quartersawn surfaces. Despite being a hardwood, it is not very strong, hard or durable, but it is available easily, is relatively inexpensive and very easy to work with, which makes it a popular choice in its native regions.


    Obeche or Ayous is a popular lumber in and around its native region of Central West Africa, but it is also commonly exported to and used in many other countries, including the UK, the US, Canada, UAE, and more. The applications of Ayous range from veneer and plywood to basic construction elements such as beams and planks. It is also used for making interior furniture and interior millwork, cabinetry, etc. As a light-coloured lumber with good workability, it is also commonly used for carving. It is also sometimes used as a tonewood in electric guitars.

    Where To Buy High-Quality Ayous Wood Online?

    If you are looking to buy Ayous timber, you should know that it is commercially available in the form of veneer and plywood. It is fairly inexpensive and can be found easily. At White Knight Consulting LTD, we take pride in offering you not only top-notch materials but also cost-effective solutions.

    Our dedicated team has scoured the market to provide you with Ayous that meets the highest standards of quality while remaining easy on your budget. The available dimensions and wood characteristics are given on the page. If you have more questions related to the wood, feel free to contact us. We also provide wood consulting services and deliver to your address in most countries.

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