maple vs walnut

10 Oct

Maple vs Walnut : Which Wood is Better?

Both maple and walnut are solid and beautiful hardwoods considered suitable for a wide range of applications. Even though both…

Plywood vs Solid Wood

04 Oct

Plywood vs Solid Wood : What You Need to Know

Plywood is a strong and durable engineered wood which is often used as an easily accessible and usually cheaper alternative…

8 best wood for roofing

26 Sep

Exploring the Best Wood for Roofing : Top 8 Picks

Wooden roofs are common in both classic and contemporary homes and can make your exterior look differently beautiful. Besides being…

Types of Plywood

19 Sep

Types of Plywood Explained : Grades, Materials, and More

Plywood is one of the most popular types of manufactured wood. Plywood boards come in various types and grades based…

African vs Honduran Mahogany

14 Sep

African Mahogany vs Honduran Mahogany : Which is Better?

When it comes to selecting wood for your woodworking projects, you want the best. Two hardwoods often vying for your…

wood vs composite decking

12 Sep

Wood vs Composite Decking : What You Need to Know

Unlike traditional times when wood was the only available option for someone looking to build a deck, there are now…

types of wood siding

05 Sep

All Types of Wood Siding You Need to Know About

Wood is a perfect choice for siding because of its extraordinary look and natural durability. When it comes to wood…

Benefits & uses of timber

28 Aug

A Closer Look at Benefits and Uses of Timber

Timber in general refers to wood. It can be wood that is still intact on unfelled trees or wood that…

types of composite wood

16 Aug

The Ultimate Guide to Different Types of Composite Wood

Because of the high demand and limited availability of solid wood, manufacturers were forced to look for alternatives that are…

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