Pine Softwood

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Pine is a choice wood for good quality, inexpensive furniture and other wood items for both personal and professional use. Pine is prized for its versatility as the wood can be used for a wide range of applications.

Dimensions (Standard):

Length50mm to 3400mm
Thickness6mm to 95mm
Width6mm to 195mm


Kiln DriedYes
Moisture Content10-15%
Average density400 kg/m3
Janka rating380 lbf (1,690 N)
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About Pine Wood

Pine is used both in construction and general woodwork like furniture. Despite being a softwood, it is strong enough for the construction of building structures and frames. It is a moderately durable wood and is fairly easy to work with. Pine comes in many species, which might make it difficult to choose one that best fits your needs. Different species of pine wood are found in different places all over the world.


Eastern White Pine is a very popular pine species that is grown in Eastern North America and also on plantations in other parts of the world. The trees are about 65-100 ft (20-30 m) tall and have a 2-4 ft (.6-1.2 m) trunk diameter. The average dried weight is 25 lbs/ft3 (400 kg/m3) and Janka rating of Pine is 380 lbf (1,690 N). Pine is valued both for its versatility and its beautiful appearance. The heartwood is light brown colored and the sapwood is pale yellow. The colour becomes darker with age. The grain is straight and even, which makes the wood easy to cut and work with.

Uses of Pine Wood

The heartwood has a moderate to low resistance to decay rating. Both hand and power tools can be used with Eastern White Pine with ease. It finishes and glues nicely. Lumber for construction is frequently collected from Eastern White Pine. Prices for a domestic pine timber ought to be reasonable. Everything from crates and boxes to interior woodwork, furniture, millwork, building materials, carving, and boatbuilding uses pine lumber.

As an FSC-certified company, White Knight Consulting is the best place to buy high-quality, genuine and sustainably-sourced Pine timber and wood logs at the lowest price online. Contact us today to enquire about availability and price.

Pine wood
Pine wood
Pine wood
Pine wood
Pine wood
Pine wood
Pine wood
Pine wood
Pine wood
Pine wood


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