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Poplar has multiple species: yellow poplar, black poplar, and white poplar, among others. Yellow poplar grows in the United States while black poplar is found in Africa, Europe and western Asia.

Dimensions (Standard)

Length50mm to 3000mm
Thickness7mm to 67mm
Width0.1m to 3m


Kiln DriedYes
Moisture content10-15%
Average density480 kg/m3
Janka rating540 lbf
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About Poplar Wood

Poplar is a softwood used in many types of applications, including furniture and construction. It is a soft, lightweight and moderately durable wood with different species available and used in different parts of the world. The wood is fairly easy to work with, has a low average dried weight and low Janka hardness rating.


Heartwood typically has a light brown colour. The sapwood tends to progressively merge into the heartwood and ranges in colour from a pale yellow to practically white. This species also produces a distinctive burl known as Mappa or Mapa, which is frequently marketed. Generally speaking, the grain is straight, somewhat wavy, or interlocked. medium-sized uniformly with a dull natural shine. Rated as being both weak and vulnerable to insect invasion. Simple to work with both hand and machine equipment, although when planning, sharp cuts are required to prevent fuzzy surfaces. During drying, it has a propensity to twist and deform. It finishes and glues nicely. Poplar softwood is widely obtainable throughout Europe as utility lumber.

Uses of Poplar Wood

Poplar wood is used as an inexpensive alternative to pine, teak and other softwoods and hardwoods for utility lumber, furniture, boxes and crates, plywood, and laminated lumber. Burls are also usable for fine furniture, drum shells, veneer, and inlays.

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Poplar wood
Poplar wood
Poplar wood
Poplar wood
Poplar wood
Poplar wood
Poplar wood
Poplar wood
Poplar wood
Poplar wood


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