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White Knight Consulting Limited

At White Knight Consulting, we produce, process and export 40+ species of hardwood and softwood timber, all at rightly and transparently priced with the best wood offers online.

Who We Are?
Who We Are?

White Knight Consulting: Your Go-To Timber Wood Supplier in the UK

White Knight Consulting is a UK-based manufacturer and exporter of premium quality hardwood timber and logs. We have been in the woodworking business for over two decades now and have a staff of full-time, trained and skilled woodworkers committed to providing you with the highest quality of timber supplies at your doorsteps.

In addition to wood and timber products, we also provide wood consulting services to help you select the right wood for a project. We have offices and partners all over the world to ensure a timely supply of wood to our customers in different countries.

1,200,000 m3

Annual output


Wood species


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Spruce vs Pine

24 Mar

Spruce vs Pine : Which is Stronger, Durable, and Better?

Both spruce and pine are softwoods that are obtained from conifer trees. There are many differences between spruce and pine,…

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oak vs maple wood

20 Mar

Oak vs Maple : Which Hardwood is Better?

While hardwoods are generally favoured over softwoods for a range of applications like furniture making and construction, not all hardwoods…

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Benefits of Using Sustainable Timber in Construction

13 Mar

11 Important Benefits of Using Sustainable Timber in Construction

Timber has always been one of the first preferences for construction materials. And why not? It’s a durable, strong and…

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59 St Martin's
Lane,London,WC2N 4JS

Phone Number

+44 20 7193 5609

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