Ash Wood

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We have Ash wood available in many sizes and grades. We offer the best price in the market with a complete quality guarantee for all our wood and timber products.

Dimensions (Standard)

Size Various
Length 2.30m; 2.60m; 2.90m; 3.20m; 3.50m; 3.80m
Thickness 25mm; 50mm; 80mm
Width 100mm+


Kiln Dried Yes
Moisture content 10-15%
Durability Moderate to very durable
Average density 675 kg/m3
Janka rating 1,320 lbf (5,870 N)
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About Ash Wood

Ash, also called American Ash or White Ash, is a hardwood sourced from Eastern North America, specifically Canada and the central US states. It’s a lightweight wood that possesses great strength but is low on durability. Ash is mainly used for interior applications, including joinery, furniture and cabinetry. If you are looking to buy or import Ash wood to your location at wholesale price, contact us right away to talk to one of our experts. As a leading supplier of timber in the UK, White Knight Consulting is your best destination to buy top-quality Ash timber, sawn wood and logs at reasonable prices. We deliver all over the UK as well as ship to multiple other countries.


Ash is a hardwood timber found mainly in Eastern North America, Canada, and New England, among other places. The average height of an Ash tree is about 20-30 m with a .6-1.5 m trunk diameter. The average dried weight is 675 kg/m3 and the wood has a Janka rating of 1,320 lbf (5,870 N). It is both heavy and hard, but not durable. Ash is considered a perishable wood, that is it can decay or rot easily. It is almost non-resistant to insect attacks and cannot be used in exterior conditions with direct exposure to sun, moisture or earth. The wood is easy to work on and fairs well both with hand and machine tools. There is no blunting effect on tools and it is easy to glue, stain, bend, and finish.

The heartwood of dried Ash is brownish-white coloured and can sometimes have dark brown streaks. The sapwood is light brown or beige and can be easily confused with heartwood. The grain is generally straight and regular and the texture is medium to coarse just like oak. In terms of price and availability, ash is one of the least expensive commercial hardwoods. It is easily available and can be inexpensive to moderately priced depending on where you’re buying it from. (Contact White Knight Consulting for the best price for wholesale Ash wood).


Ash wood comes in many species, all of which are used in commercial ash or as timber. Different grades of ash are used for different purposes, depending on their strength, density and other general properties. Tough species of ash, for instance, are used for purposes where toughness and elasticity are required, boat frames, skis, shop fitting, tool handles, etc. for example. Soft grades, on the other hand, are suitable for interior work such as joinery, furniture and cabinetry. Other uses of ash include flooring, millwork, baseball bats, boxes, and turned objects.



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