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Tali is an African-origin hardwood that is considered suitable for a large number of wood applications ranging from industrial flooring and construction to furniture making.

Dimensions (Standard):

Length50mm to 3400mm
Thickness6mm to 95mm
Width6mm to 195mm


Kiln DriedYes
Moisture Content10-15%
Average density675 kg/m3
Janka rating1,120 lbf (4,980 N)
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About Tali Wood

Tali hardwood is also known by common trade names, including Elone, Elondo and Missanda. It is found exclusively in Africa. It is a durable wood that is resistant to fungi and dry wood borers. Erythrophleum spp. Is the scientific name of Tali hardwood.

Orangey yellow-reddish brown describes tali wood. East African tali is lighter in colour. It is easy to distinguish from the sapwood. The texture is rough, and the grain is interlocked. Peeling is poor, and slicing is either not suggested or not interesting due to the relatively strong blunting impact. Working with Tali demands strength.


Difficulties in planing caused by entangled grain. Although pre-boring is important, nailing is good. Gluing is only appropriate inside. The possibility of wood and iron attacking one another makes it unwise to assemble iron parts when they are damp. It takes a long time to dry, therefore it needs to be dried gently and carefully to minimise flaws.

Uses of Tali

It is particularly resistant to fungus and dry wood borers; sapwood is not resistant. There are numerous uses for tali, including both interior and exterior applications, such as Inside, for instance, industrial or durable flooring, Exterior components include posts, stakes, parts of bridges that are not in direct contact with the earth or water), sleepers, heavy carpentry, and flooring for vehicles or containers.

Because of similar characteristics, Tali timber is often used as an alternative to Azobe (Lophira alata).


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tali tree
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tali wood logs
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tali wood
tali wood
tali wood
tali wood
tali wood


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