Doussie Wood (Afzelia)

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    Doussie or Afzelia is an exotic hardwood prized for its high strength and durability. The wood is considered suitable for many applications, both interior and exterior.

    Dimensions (Standard):

    Size Various
    Length 50mm to 3400mm
    Thickness 6mm to 95mm
    Width 6mm to 220mm


    Kiln Dried Yes
    Moisture Content 12-16%
    Durability Very durable
    Average density 660 kg/m3
    Janka rating 1,260 lbf (5,610 N)
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    About Doussie Afzelia

    Doussie Afzelia has two main varieties: red Doussie and white Doussie. The wood is primarily found in West and Central Africa. Depending on the species, the tree can gain a height of 15 to 40 m and have an 80 to 150 cm trunk diameter. Doussie wood is hard and very durable and is used in many projects ranging from exterior applications such as shipbuilding and construction to interior applications such as flooring and joinery.


    The heartwood of doussié, which comes in red and white varieties, is the same exotic reddish-brown hue, heavy and durable. It is a tropical species that is extremely hard and resistant to termites, fungi, and dry wood borers. As a result, no preservation treatment is necessary. Doussie Afzelia is sourced from West and Central Africa. The heartwood colour is red-brown, while the sapwood is lighter and clearly demarcated. The Texture is coarse and the Grain is straight or interlocked. The wood is very durable in terms of fungi resistance and moderately durable in resistance against dry wood borers, termites and moisture.

    Uses of Doussie Afzelia

    Due to its qualities, it is a material that is suggested for applications that call for sturdy, robust, and resilient wood Common uses include external joinery and cladding used in shipbuilding, the building of bridges, making of heavy or commercial floors, building cooperage and winery's massive frames and roofs. The aesthetic attributes of Doussie also make it suitable for joinery and cabinet construction.

    Where to Find the Best Price for Doussie (Afzelia) Wood?

    As an FSC-certified company, White Knight Consulting is the best place to buy high-quality, genuine and sustainably-sourced Doussie timber and wood logs at the lowest price online. Contact us today to enquire about availability and price.

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