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Spruce vs Pine

24 Mar

Spruce vs Pine : Which is Stronger, Durable, and Better?

Both spruce and pine are softwoods that are obtained from conifer trees. There are many differences between spruce and pine,…

oak vs maple wood

20 Mar

Oak vs Maple : Which Hardwood is Better?

While hardwoods are generally favoured over softwoods for a range of applications like furniture making and construction, not all hardwoods…

Benefits of Using Sustainable Timber in Construction

13 Mar

11 Important Benefits of Using Sustainable Timber in Construction

Timber has always been one of the first preferences for construction materials. And why not? It’s a durable, strong and…

hardest wood in the world

08 Mar

10 Hardest Wood in The World : Explore Unbeatable Strength

The hardness of wood is a measure of how hard, strong, dense and durable a particular species of wood is.…

types of timber for construction

27 Feb

Exploring the Best Timber for Construction : A Complete Overview

Timber is one of the primary materials used in construction. Not only can solid wood provide great strength and stability…

rot-resistant wood guide

13 Feb

How to Choose Rot-Resistant Wood : 6 Options for Durability

Some wood species are naturally resistant to rot and decay because of their specific structure and physical properties. Rot-resistant is…

Ash wood types, properties & uses

07 Feb

Ash Wood Types, Properties and Uses: An Ultimate Guide

You must have heard of Ash wood. It is a popular hardwood species that is known for its durability and…

timber identification

03 Feb

Timber Identification Guide – 6 Easy Ways To Do it

The term ‘timber’ is used to refer to wood in general, which may include a large variety of commercial wood…

different types of defects in timber

01 Feb

5 Types of Defects in Timber You Need To Know About

The wood that is used for construction and other industrial applications is generally called timber or lumber. Timber also generally…

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