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Okoume or Gabon is an African wood found primarily in Gabon and also in some other parts of Central Africa. It is a non-durable wood used for interior applications and boatbuilding.

Dimensions (Standard):

Length0.40mm+ to 1.80m+
Thickness25mm; 38mm; 50mm; 60mm; 70mm; 80mm; 100mm


Kiln DriedYes
Moisture content10-15%
Average density430 kg/m3
Janka rating400 lbf (1,790 N)
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About Okoume Wood

Aucoumea klaineana, commonly known as Okoume or Gabon is a non-durable hardwood found exclusively in Central Africa. The trees are about 100-130 ft (30-40 m) tall and have a 3-6 ft (1-1.8 m) trunk diameter. The wood has an average dried weight of just 27 lbs/ft3 (430 kg/m3) and a low Janka rating at 400 lbf (1,790 N), which makes it light and not very strong.


The colour of Okoume Heartwood ranges from light pink to brown. Age causes colour to deepen. Heartwood is not easily distinguished from narrow sapwood which is greyish white colour. The grain varies from being straight to wavy or barely interlocked. Medium texture and good natural lustre are present. The wood has low insect resistance and is not considered to be durable. It's high silica concentration has a noticeable dulling effect on cutters. Planing and shaping could result in surfaces that are fuzzy or torn away. It finishes and glues nicely. Okoume, which is most frequently marketed as veneer, should be fairly priced for imported hardwood, however highly figured pieces typically cost more.

Uses of Okoume Wood

Common uses of Gabon include veneering, plywood, cabinet, musical instruments, boatbuilding, furniture, and interior millwork.

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okoume sawn timber
okoume sawn timber
okoume sawn timber
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okoume wood bed
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okoume transport


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