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Spruce lumber or fir is a softwood that comes in many varieties or species. It is used both indoors and outdoors, though has low resistance to weather and moisture.

Dimensions (Standard):

Length50mm to 3000mm
Thickness10mm to 70mm
Width6mm to 195mm


Kiln DriedYes
Moisture Content10-15%
DurabilityModerate to very durable
Average density470 kg/m3
Janka ratingN/A
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About Spruce

Spruce is commonly found in Europe, where its trees attain a height of about 50 metres. Spruce trees have a reddish trunk, which makes them easy to recognise, but this may not be true for all spruce species. The trunk diameter is around 1-2 metres. It is used as round logs, as veneer and in the form of lumber.


Spruce wood that has just been cut can be easily identified by its intense resinous aroma. It has a consistent brightness and is virtually white or yellowish-white. In response to light, spruce darkens to a brownish-yellow hue. Spruce trees have distinct annual rings that range in width from extremely small to quite large. The longitudinal section reveals the softwood-specific striations. Channels and fissures in the resin are typically visible. It has a dull gloss after being planed. The colour of sapwood and heartwood is identical. It has a medium-weight, extremely soft wood. The moisture content is between 12 and 15%, and the average weight is 470 kg/m3. The density decreases as the annual ring's breadth increases.

Uses of Spruce Wood

Spruce can be bought in stores as veneer, round logs, and glued structural components. It is the most often used construction timber in Europe because of its excellent workability and high availability. In addition to being utilised for bridge construction and industries, it is also employed for roof constructions. Spruce lumber is a popular option for interior design projects as well. Built-in furniture, ceiling tiles, saunas, and other items all contribute to cosy interiors constructed of spruce timber. Fences, window frames, and doors for outdoor use are also constructed with spruce despite its poor resistance to weathering. Pallets, paper, and other wood-based products can be made from spruce wood.

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Spruce wood
Spruce wood
Spruce wood
Spruce wood
Spruce wood
Spruce wood
Spruce wood
Spruce wood
Spruce wood
Spruce wood


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