Canadian Standards Association

CSA Special Publication PLUS 1163, Chain of Custody for Forest Products originating from a Defined Forest Area Registered to CSA standard CAN/CSA Z809


Malaysian Timber Certification Council

Requirements and Assessment Procedures for Chain of Custody Certification


Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Appendix 3: Criteria for the Evaluation of Chain of Custody Certification Standards for use in the SFI Program

Registration number TT-COC-001868

FSC® is The Mark of Responsible Forestry

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Registration number PEFC/16-37-025

PEFC is for Promoting Sustainable Forest Management

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Registration number BMT-COC-0011

Certification covers the SFI, MTCC & CSA Schemes

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We are also able to sell products that are covered by the following verification schemes

  1. Bureau Veritas: Origin and Legality Du Bois (OLB)
  2. SGS: Timber Legality and Traceability Verification Programme (TLTV)
  3. SGS: Mandatory Legal Timber Validation Programme (MLTV)
  4. SGS: Voluntary Legal Timber Validation Programme (VLTV)
  5. Rainforest Alliance: Standard for Verification of Legal Origin
  6. Rainforest Alliance: Standard for Verification of Legal Compliance
  7. The Forest Trust: Members Programme
  8. Rainforest Alliance Smartstep Programme
  9. Forest Law Enforcement Governance & Trade (FLEGT) VPA signatory countries with endorsed scheme
  10. Wood Tracking Program (WTP) and Legal Verification Services (LVS)
  11. SVLK (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu) – TLAS (Timber Legality Assurance System)
  12. Certisource Programme

Please note that not all products are covered by the individual schemes. However, our sales office are able to provide you with product certification information for individual products.

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