Brazilian Mahogany

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    Dimensions (Standard):

    Size Various
    Length 46-60 m tall
    Thickness 10mm to 70mm
    Width Up To 2 m


    Kiln Dried Yes
    Moisture Content 6% to 8%
    Durability Moderate to very durable
    Average density 590 kg/m3
    Janka rating 900 lbf (4,020 N)
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    About Brazilian Mahogany

    It is a very popular hardwood species, particularly in the US, where it is often called Genuine Mahogany. It is sourced primarily from Southern Mexico and central South America and is also grown on plantations around the world. Brazilian Mahogany is hard and heavy and ranges from moderately durable to very durable. It is particularly famous for its beautiful and attractive colour hue, which is also renowned for having a chatoyance or 3D illusion. It is also very easy to work with and has great stability. It is used for everything from furniture making to boatbuilding, cabinetry, veneering, turned objects, carving, and musical instruments.


    It is known by many names, including Honduran mahogany, genuine mahogany, big-leaf mahogany, and American mahogany. The scientific name for the wood is Swietenia macrophylla. The distribution is mostly limited to Southern Mexico and central South America, where and in some other parts of the world it is mostly grown in plantations. The trees are about 46-60 m tall and can have up to 2 m trunk diameter. The average dried weight is about 590 kg/m3 and it has a 900 lbf (4,020 N) Janka rating, which makes it a strong and hard wood.

    In terms of appearance, the heartwood colour of Brazilian Mahogany wood can range from pale brown to dark reddish brown and acquires a darker tone with age. The sapwood is yellowish-white to pale brown. The chatoyancy phenomenon of Mahogany is what this wood is the most famous for. The texture is medium and uniform and grain can be anything from straight to interlocked or wavy. Mahogany wood produced from older, larger and wild-grown trees is better in quality, stronger, denser, darker and more durable than plantation-grown lumber, which is generally pale in colour. It is resistant to termites but prone to insect attacks.

    Uses of Brazilian Mahogany

    In terms of workability and use, mahogany is considered a gold standard. It is very easy to work with and goes seamlessly with both machine and hand tools, though the presence of irregular or interlocked grain can sometimes result in tearout during machining. It turns, sands, glues, finishes, and stains very well, which makes mahogany the most ideal wood in every sense. It is generally imported from the US and is moderately priced for imported hardwood. Figured planks can be more expensive than regular lumber. Mahogany is used for furniture making, particularly to build premium quality, attractive furniture pieces. Other uses include boat-building, veneering, cabinetry, musical instruments such as guitar and violin, turned objects, and carving.

    Where Can I Buy Authentic Brazilian Mahogany Wood?

    White Knight Consulting offers genuine Brazilian Mahogany for sale, that too at a very affordable prices. You can order online or whatsapp your requirements from anywhere in the world and get free shipping on bulk orders.

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