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    Azobe, also known as Ekki, is a strong, durable hardwood favoured for outdoor and marine applications due to its outstanding durability and resistance to moisture and weathering.

    Azobe Wood (Standard)

    Size Various
    Length 2.30m; 2.60m; 2.90m; 3.20m; 3.50m; 3.80m
    Thickness 25mm; 50mm; 80mm
    Width 100mm+


    Kiln Dried Yes
    Moisture content 10-15%
    Durability Very High
    Average dried weight. 1,065 kg/m3
    Janka rating 3,350 lbf (14,330 N)
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    Azobe or Ekki is a hardwood species native to West Africa, more specifically to the regions of Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and the Congo, among others. It’s a strong, hard, and heavy wood with outstanding durability in terms of resistance to water, insects, and weathering. The dark reddish-brown heartwood is an attractive choice for construction. The surface has small streaks formed by pores containing white deposits.


    Azobe is generally difficult to work with due to its hardness and interlocked grain, but it’s an excellent marine lumber, which is why the demand is always high. It can last very long even when exposed to water and rough weather. Common applications include marine uses such as boatbuilding, bridges, decking, and outdoor projects. It is also sometimes used for making furniture because of its attractive colour and streaks. Azobe flooring is hard, storing, and beautiful.

    Where To Buy High-Quality Azobe Wood at Best Price?

    It is a very popular hardwood and has high demand throughout the world. It is more commonly available in Europe than in the US. The imported lumber can be moderate to heavily priced. Now, you can order Azobe lumber online at White Knight Consulting LTD and get it delivered to your location in Europe, Asia, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and other parts of the world. We are an FSC-certified company that only deals in sustainable-sourced timber.

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