Timber grading types and methods

01 Jun

Timber Grading : A Closer Look at Types and Methods

Timber comes in many varieties. Even the same timber species can have different varieties, so the wood grading system is…

air-dried vs kiln dried wood

31 May

Air Dried vs Kiln Dried Wood : What Should You Know?

Most woodworking projects require wood that has been adequately dried. If you want to know more about wood drying methods…

properties of oak wood

30 May

The Versatility of Oak Wood: Its Properties & Uses

Oak or European oak is a popular commercial hardwood which is prized for its hardness and durability. Oak has been…

comparison between poplar and pine wood

26 May

Poplar Vs Pine : A Closer Look at Similarities & Differences

Both poplar and pine are inexpensive and versatile wood options that can be seamlessly used for a wide range of…

best wood for decking

25 May

Discover the Best Wood for Decking – Exploring Top Options

Wondering what the best wood for decking is or how to select the right wood for your decking project? Here…

treated vs untreated wood

22 May

Treated vs Untreated Wood : All You need To Know

Wood is one of the most popular construction materials used both for interior and outdoor projects. Timber is usually available…

rare and exotic wood types

19 May

Unveiling The 13 Most Rare and Exotic Wood Types

Wood is a naturally beautiful product that is used in many applications, ranging from general construction to furniture making, cabinetry,…

top most expensive woods in the world

16 May

The Top 12 Most Expensive Woods in the World

The cost of wood is a significant concern for many of us when selecting the right product for our woodworking…

difference between meranti and mahogany wood

12 May

Meranti vs Mahogany : Which Wood is Superior?

Mahogany and meranti are two popular hardwood species. Like any other hardwood, both mahogany and meranti have their distinct properties…

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