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    Different Types Of wood flooring

    20 Dec

    Exploring Popular Types of Wood Flooring : Pros and Cons

    If you are looking to buy wood flooring, here’s everything you need to know about different types of wood flooring…

    Iroko Wood Guide

    16 Dec

    A Proven Guide to Iroko Wood : Properties, Uses, Pros & Cons

    Iroko is a tropical African hardwood that is known for its excellent durability characteristics. Iroko wood is resistant to insect…

    Types of hardwood

    09 Dec

    Exploring the Top 8 Types of Hardwood For Woodworking

    With its unique properties, hardwood is a versatile material for building and design. Known for its strength, density, & durability,…

    difference between timber and lumber

    06 Dec

    The Battle of Timber vs Lumber : Which is Better?

    In general, both timber and lumber are the terms used to refer to wood. While lumber has been processed or…

    Softwood properties, types and uses

    30 Nov

    Exploring the Top 7 Types of Softwood for Woodworking

    Softwood is one of the two main groups of wood; hardwood being the other. Softwood is a term generally used…

    hardwood vs softwood

    28 Nov

    Hardwood vs Softwood : Important Differences & Examples

    Softwood and hardwood are the two most common types of timber available in the market. Besides the obvious difference in…

    best wood supplier in United Kingdom

    22 Nov

    The Best Wood Suppliers UK: A Comprehensive List

    Looking to buy top-quality wood in the UK? If you are searching online, let me warn you that the number…

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