11 Benefits of Using Sustainable Timber in Construction

    Benefits of Using Sustainable Timber in Construction

    Timber has always been one of the first preferences for construction materials. And why not? It’s a durable, strong and great-looking material that works wonders in every kind of application, whether it is to build furniture or building structures.

    However, the depleting amounts of forests around the globe due to the illegal mining of timber has become a big concern for everyone. As a result, many timber merchants, users and workers have started considering other alternative materials.

    Sustainable timber is a great, eco-friendly option that allows you to use natural wood in your construction projects without making a bad impact on the environment. Choosing the right type of sustainable timber is also crucial for ensuring the desired structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, & sustainability goals. By opting for mass timber sustainability, you can be confident that you’re using a responsible material that supports the environment & communities.

    What is Sustainable Timber?

    Sustainable timber is a timber that has been harvested in a legal manner and by following the guidelines of forest authorities. In other words, sustainable harvesting of timber doesn’t impact the ecosystem negatively because it also involves growing fresh trees at a higher rate than cutting old trees.

    Is Sustainable Timber Good to Use?

    It is as good as any other timber. It is, in fact, better because this timber has been sustainably sourced in a responsible manner so as to not cause deforestation.

    It is legal to buy and use sustainably sourced wood anywhere in the world.

    Benefits of Sustainable Timber in Construction

    Using sustainably sourced timber is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of timber harvesting. Here are other reasons why sustainable wood is a great choice for construction materials.

    1. Carbon Capture and Release

    Carbon Capture and Release

    You may be aware that trees absorb carbon from the environment throughout their lives through a process called photosynthesis. But, you may not know that the carbon stored in trees (from photosynthesis) is eventually released back into the air when old trees start decomposing and dying.

    To stop this from happening, cutting down an adult tree before it starts releasing carbon back into the air is a good way to protect the environment. Sustainable harvesting of timber ensures that at least one young tree is planted for every old tree that is cut down for timber harvesting.

    2. Low Processing Energy & Cost

    Timber processing

    Wood is one of the best construction materials in terms of the amount of work & energy it requires to process it to make it ready for use in construction. From harvesting and production to processing and transport, timber requires very limited processing, and consumes very little energy, far less than popular building materials like steel and concrete.

    Did you know traditional building materials like steel can have as much embodied carbon as 30-50% of their lifetime carbon footprint? Using sustainable wood is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of the construction industry.

    3. Timber is Renewable

    Renewable Timber

    Unlike traditional construction materials such as steel and plastic which can take generations to renew and some can only be produced in factories, timber is a totally and naturally renewable material that takes not more than a couple of decades to grow to a full, usable size. Moreover, it is possible to protect & grow tree population through reforestation, which is in our control, unlike other building materials that are produced by nature on its own accord.

    4. Durable & Easy to Maintain

    Durable and easy to maintain timber

    One of the best things about sustainable timber is that it is very durable and also very easy to maintain. As you may be aware, many old building structures are made of wood and have been in existence for decades or even centuries. Woods such as ebony, oak, teak, etc. are extremely durable and can be used for building structures that will last very long.

    Wood is also easier to maintain than other construction materials such as plastic or steel. Durable timber is protected from rust and insects. The worst thing that can happen to timber is that it will lose its colour over time.

    5. Aesthetically Appealing

    Aesthetically Appealing Timber

    One of the reasons timber is considered a great option for construction material is that wood structures and items such as doors, facades, decking, flooring and furniture look awesome naturally and do not require any painting or design. It can give a great appearance to wherever timber is used in the house.

    6. Natural Insulation

    Natural Timber Insulation

    For construction, one of the prerequisites is insulation. Building materials are selected such that they can provide good insulation from heat/cold to the users of the property. Sustainable timber is a great option here because wood is a naturally insulated material and can provide great protection from both heat and cold. For example, flooring made out of wood doesn’t get too hot in summer or too cold in winter, thus providing excellent insulation to users.

    7. Timber is Non-Toxic

    Non-toxic Timber

    One of the properties of sustainable timber is that it is non-toxic, i.e. doesn’t have any negative impact on the health of people using wood products. Natural, untreated wood is totally non-toxic and will not have any impact on the environment or people. If you are using treated wood, make sure that the preservatives and glues used in the treatment process are also non-toxic.

    8. Wood is a Versatile Material

    Versatile timber

    One of the reasons why timber makes a wonderful material for construction is that it offers great versatility in terms of colours, textures, varieties and properties. You can find timber in practically every colour, from nearly white to brownish, orange, blue, red, or completely black. In addition, there is a wide range of options available in terms of hardness, strength, durability, insect resistance, workability, and appearance when it comes to sustainable wood.

    9. Quick & Easy to Build

    Quick & Easy to Build

    Building using timber is comparatively easier than concrete, steel and other options. At the same time, timber structures are quicker to build than stone structures. In many countries, houses and buildings made completely of timber are very popular due to their low cost and quick build time.

    10. Every Part of a Tree is Usable

    Every Part of a Tree is Usable

    While the heartwood of a tree log is primarily used in high-end applications including general construction, the other parts of a tree including the sapwood and salvaged wood are also used in many applications, from firewood to making low-end products such as wooden fencing, fibreboard, sawdust, paper wood, and small wooden items.

    Small or scrap wood parts including wood pieces and fibre are also used for making large wood items including boards and planks, where the smaller pieces are combined using glue and pressed to form a large sheet of wood. It is not as strong as real wood but can be used in many low-value applications.

    11. The Environment Saviour

    environmental saviour

    Trees are a natural protector of the environment. They release priceless oxygen gas for humans, absorb carbon and co2 from the air, maintain a healthy ecosystem, and preserve humidity in the air, thus keeping the air fresh and breathable. The timber construction sustainability ensures that there is a focus on re-growing forests before trees are cut for commercial use, which will help maintain forests and wildlife.

    Where to Buy High-Quality Sustainable Timber

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