The Best Wood Suppliers UK: A Comprehensive List

    best wood supplier in United Kingdom

    Looking to buy top-quality wood in the UK? If you are searching online, let me warn you that the number of options might be too much for you. A simple search on Google for a timber company in the UK or London will give you literally hundreds of results and make it very difficult to choose the right one. Well, if you are looking to choose from top wood suppliers UK, this article can help you. Here, we will talk about the top 10 leading suppliers and exporters of wood/timber in and out of the UK.

    Let’s start with the best first.

    1. White Knight Consulting Limited

    White Knight Consulting Limited is a UK-based producer, seller & exporter of raw wood, timber and other wood products and also a provider of wood consulting services. The company deals in both popular and exotic wood species, including hardwoods, softwoods and a variety of wood products. Based in London, UK, White Knight Consulting deals in as many as 40+ species of hardwood and softwood and exports timber to wood merchants and businesses in more than 20 countries. The company and its founders have a collective experience of more than two decades in the European timber industry.

    Some of the most popular wood species that White Knight Consulting supplies include Beech, Oak, Mahogany, Ash, Iroko, Sapele, Maple, Dabema, Teak, Bubinga, Padauk, Tali, Doussie, Eucalyptus, Meranti, Ebony, Okoume, African whitewood, Spruce, Pine and Poplar.

    2. Somerset Logs Group

    Somerset Logs Group is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of paper and forest products in the UK. The company’s headquarter is located in Nailsea, UK. In terms of revenue, it is one of the largest timber production companies in the country. Some of the major products of the company include locally sourced firewood and ashwood. The company also provides a range of services in the space of agricultural, tree works, and firewood production.

    3. UK Timber Ltd

    UK Timber is one of the oldest wood suppliers UK. They deal in both domestic and European timber products, including high-quality structural timber, outdoor timber, indoor timber, and fuel wood as well as provide wood-related services including custom timber cutting. The company supplies both raw wood and timber products, including decking, cladding, garden fencing, doors, flooring, sleepers, and others. UK Timber Ltd has been in business for more than 100 years now and is one of the UK’s largest timber companies.

    4. WoodShopDirect

    WoodShopDirect is an online store to buy timber and wood in the UK. Here, you can browse and buy wood by type and use and choose from a large variety of wood materials and products. They even provide the option to select the best timber based on your particular needs and project conditions. Some of their most popular products include composite decking, planed timber, wood sheeting, extra wide timber, and plywood sheeting. The company deals in many species of both hardwoods and softwoods and ships all over the UK. Top wood options to buy from WoodShopDirect include Cedar, Douglas Fir, Yellow Pine, Ash, Meranti, Beech, Cherry, Obeche, Iroko, Maple, Oak, and Sapele.

    5. Whitmore’s Timber

    Whitmore’s Timber is a leading timber merchant and supplier of hardwoods. Based in Leicestershire, UK, the company primarily sells timber and wood products online through its website. They deal in both raw and finished wood products, including timber from softwoods, European hardwoods, tropical hardwoods & US timber species, sawn timber, and oak beams, among others. Other wood products they supply across the UK include timber cladding, flooring, decking, skirting boards, woodturning supplies, oak framed buildings, and more. Whitmore’s Timber is one of the UK’s top hardwood timber suppliers.

    6. Timbersource

    Timbersource is a popular website to shop for timber and wood-cutting services. It is run by Timbersource – a leading online timber merchant in the UK. The company is involved in supplying premium quality hardwoods and softwoods and has hundreds of wood merchants, retail stores and builders as their customers. They are famous for their competitive pricing and a wide range of timber products, which include hardwoods, softwoods, cladding, planed timber, and cut-to-width timber. Use their free pricing tool to determine the right price for a wood product you want to buy.

    7. Thorogood

    One of the oldest timber and wood merchants in the UK, Thorogood is a company known for its quality and reliability. It is a family-run timber business that is involved in manufacturing, processing and supplying high-quality wood for the particular needs of customers, which include carpentry, wood merchants, stores and builders. The four categories of wood that Thorogood sells include sawn timber, milled timber, wood beams, and bespoke timber. They deal in many top varieties of both hardwood and softwood timbers and supply timber all over the UK.

    8. British Hardwoods

    If you are looking to buy kiln-dried hardwoods at wholesale rates, this is one of the best hardwood timber merchants in the UK. They specialise in solid wood flooring, engineered wood, hardwood timber, rough-sawn timber, and timber cut and planed to size. Their timber products include planed timber, calibrated timber, mouldings, thin wood, hobby packs, wall cladding, worktops, and oak window boards. The company primarily deals in native hardwoods, i.e. hardwoods that are found locally and within Europe. Other products include oak doors, oak beams, and accessories.

    9. Interesting Timbers

    Another name in our list is Interesting Timbers – a UK-based timber merchant, sawmiller & oak framed building company providing services since 1986. It is a full-service timber company, which means they provide both timber products and services, which include cutting, drying, selecting and selling top-quality timber.

    10. Premier Forest Products

    Premier Forest Products is a forest product company with 25+ years of experience. The company is involved in sawmilling, processing, distribution and import of a range of wood and timber products. According to their website, plywood, MDF, OSB, softwood, hardwood, etc. are the top products they deal in. Their customers include wood merchants, manufacturers and construction businesses.

    These are the 10 best timber and wood suppliers UK. Make sure to do your research before buying timber from a credible and honest timber company in the UK.

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