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    As a woodworker or merchant, you may need third-party advice when looking to invest in purchasing wood for your next project or resell. A professional wood consultant can help you with accurate and up-to-date data through their high level of timber consulting expertise to enable you to make the right decision at the right time.

    White Knight Consulting Ltd provides custom and experience-driven professional wood consultancy services, including forestry market research and data, to our clients in raw wood, logs, timber, wood products, and pulpwood industries.

    Whether you are looking to buy the best quality wood or need help choosing the right timber for your project or need professional advice concerning a forestry investment project, we have the best professional wood consultants to help you. White Knight Consulting Ltd conducts research and market studies on behalf of land owners, wood merchants and manufacturers to help increase production and profits.

    Why Do You Need Wood Consulting Services?

    Both landowners and wood traders can benefit from professional forest consulting services.

    Landowners looking to get the most out of their forest investment through an increase in productivity, quantity, and quality of timber can get the help of professional timber advisers at White Knight Consulting Ltd.

    We also help woodworkers, merchants and traders that need assistance when choosing the right brand to buy their wood from. Selecting the best wood for a particular project can be complex, especially when you have limited knowledge of wood types or species. This is where we come in.

    Having many years of experience and wide expertise across all areas of timber harvesting, production and sale, our consultants can assist you with many things, from finding the best land and implementing high-quality harvesting methods to boost production and taking care of your harvest to getting the best deal when looking to sell your timber to a timber wholesaler or merchant.

    Benefits of Timber Consulting Services

    Some of the top benefits of our wood consultancy services include;

    • Increase in timber quality, quantity, and productivity for landowners
    • Assistance with harvest planning and market research
    • They help implement the most cutting-edge timber harvesting techniques to boost production and quality
    • Assistance with financial decisions and trading strategies
    • It can improve wildlife habitat, more timber sales, and increase sustainability
    • They manage your land and forests on your behalf, allowing you more time to focus on business growth
    • Get professional answers to all your timber and harvesting-related queries
    • Make timber sale arrangements
    • Keep a record of the timber inventory during harvesting, including the species, size (measurements), and quality of timber
    • Finding the right timber buyer for higher sales returns

    We not only help you create and successfully implement the right plan but also provide support for any required adjustments in the future.

    Research confirms that people who avail the services of an expert wood consultant generate higher returns (on timber sales) or get a better wood product at a lower price than when they do it without professional help. Finding and hiring the right wood consulting service is also crucial for the success of your business or project. Keep reading to find out the best way to hire a wood consultant.

    Who is it For?

    Wondering who should get professional wood consulting services or whether you as a timber business should seek help from a third-party consultant?

    Wood consulting is for you if you are looking to Increase production in your forest plantations and get higher sales and revenue in your timber business, need help choosing the right timber species or finding the perfect place to buy timber at the best rates, and to find and connect with more potential wood buyers.

    We at White Knight Consulting Ltd provide our timber consultancy services to mainly three types of customers:

    1. Wood Consulting for Landowners (forest owners)

    Landowners or forest owners who are engaged in timber plantation and sales, i.e. harvest timber on their land to sell it for profits. New landowners might need help or professional advice with a lot of things in their business. We offer the following consulting services to plantation owners.

    • Analysing your land for fertility
    • Researching the market to find the best timber species to grow on your land
    • Determining the best time to plant
    • Providing help throughout the harvesting process
    • Preparing the plantation site
    • Maintenance of the plantation
    • Protecting the harvest from fire, insects and fungi
    • Recording the growth – height, size and quality of trees at various stages
    • Managing financials – investment, recurring expenses, potential revenue, etc.
    • Implementing the best strategies to boost production
    • Finding a trustworthy timber wholesaler/buyer for the best deal
    • Taking care of legal formalities

    Even if you need any other type of wood consulting or advice, feel free to contact us to talk to an expert.

    2. Wood Consulting for Solid Wood Manufacturers

    Wood manufacturers and wholesalers are businesses that either manufacture or wholesale timber or both. These businesses might also need the help of professional wood consultants with a number of things, including choosing the right timber species to manufacture or sell, finding and reaching out to customers, setting up timber prices according to market standards, preparing sell contracts, and closing deals.

    We at White Knight Consulting Ltd provide complete wood consulting solutions at affordable rates.

    3. Wood Consulting for Woodworkers

    Woodworkers, merchants and retailers who are involved in buying, selling and trading timber can benefit from professional wood consulting services to boost the growth of their businesses or save money. As a woodworker, for example, you can hire a wood consultant to help you choose the right wood for your project and also find the best place to buy it at the lowest price.

    How to Hire the Best Wood Consulting Services Online

    Managing a timber plantation or woodworking business can be complex. On top of that, selecting the right wood supplier is not easy. Search for and hire a wood consultancy service from a trustworthy company that can help guide you through the best way to choose the right wood or manage and grow a timber forest to boost production and sales in the most sustainable fashion. Choose a wood consulting firm that enjoys an excellent reputation in the market.

    Shop around – you can start with your local area, in your city, searching for a wood consultant or company. Or, you can go online to search for the best wood consulting service near you.

    Ask for references – a good way to find a reliable wood consultant in your area is to ask for references from your contacts, colleagues and/or family. Ask someone who has earlier used the services of a wood consulting firm like White Knight Consulting Ltd.

    Search online – and, of course, you can search Google for the best wood consulting service provider in your area. Check out the websites of top results and find out more about their services and pricing.

    Contact potentials – The next step is to contact potential wood consultants with whom you’d like to work with. Interview them separately and ask about their services, experience, what they do, previous projects, clients, specialisation, etc.

    Check their projects – make sure to personally check the previous projects of a potential wood consultant you want to hire to see what kind of experience they have and their results.

    Hire White Knight Consulting Ltd for Top-Quality Wood Consulting Services Online

    White Knight Consulting LTD is your one-stop destination to get high-quality wood consulting and advice from qualified wood professionals and specialists who have many years of experience helping wood brands, merchants and forest owners worldwide.

    No matter the type of wood consulting service you need for any purpose, you can contact us to talk right away with one of our experts.

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