From Selection to Delivery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Timber Online

    buy timber online

    When looking to buy timber, you have many options. You can approach your local timber store or contact a woodworking specialist for recommendations. However, buying timber online is usually the most convenient and efficient option.

    Using the internet, you can order not only wood but all kinds of woodworking materials & resources for your project from anywhere in the world.

    It’s convenient, saves time, and gives you many options to choose from. If you’re planning to order wood online but have no idea where to start, here’s a complete step-by-step guide, from timber selection to delivery, to help you navigate the online timber buying process:

    How to Buy Timber Online

    Step 1: Determine Your Timber Requirements

    Determine Timber Type

    Before you start searching online for timber suppliers near you, make sure you have a clear understanding of your timber requirements. Study your project details to determine the type and quantity of timber you need.

    If you need help selecting the right type of timber or wood for your project, you can contact us (White Knight Consulting LTD) to consult a woodworking specialist.

    Additionally, consider factors such as the wood dimensions, length, width, thickness required for the project, preferred timber grade, cost, additional treatments or finishes required, etc. when determining your timber requirements.

    If you’re buying timber for an outdoor project, make sure to buy wood which is moisture-resistant and durable, such as oak, teak, treated pine, mahogany, etc.

    If solid wood is too expensive for your project, you can always consider alternatives such as engineered wood, plywood, and composite wood.

    Step 2: Find A Reputable Online Timber Retailer/Supplier

    Reputable Online timber Supplier

    Search for reliable and popular online timber retailers or suppliers who ship to your city/location. You can easily find many timber suppliers online who may deliver to your location.

    The key is to find the right supplier who can deliver high-quality wood at the right price.

    When comparing timber suppliers, visit their websites to find out more about them, their products & services, and their history.

    Read reviews and check their customer ratings to ensure they provide good products and great customer service.

    Contact individual suppliers to enquire about timber availability and get free quotes. Ask your questions. If you’re satisfied with the answers, go ahead, otherwise, go to the next option.

    Step 3: Compare Prices and Services

    compare timber prices and services

    When searching for a timber company online, compare different timber supplies based on prices and services.

    The easiest way is to search for timber companies in Google by your location and then select top companies from the results.

    Once you’ve made a list of a few potential suppliers, visit their websites, request quotes, compare their prices, check out their services and products, and contact them if you have questions.

    Look for details about additional costs, delivery options, return policies, guarantees, and any additional services you might need, such as custom timber dimensions, wood cutting, treatment, etc.

    Step 4: Check Timber Quality and Certifications

    Check Timber Quality and Matters

    Because of the increasing sustainability concerns due to overharvesting and deforestation in the timber industry, it is crucial to only buy your wood from an FSC-certified timber supplier who deals only in sustainable timber.

    Both quality and sustainability are crucial when buying timber. Make sure to check where the timber is being sourced from, if there are proper certifications of sustainable sourcing and any other relevant details.

    Some websites may offer photos of their timber products to give you a better idea of the material’s appearance and condition.

    Also, enquire about the timber company’s background, their experience in the timber industry, track record, history, and previous/existing clients.

    Step 5: Place Your Order

    Place your wood order

    Once you’ve chosen a timber supplier that delivers to your location, you can go ahead and place your order through their website.

    Here’s the step-by-step process of ordering timber online at the our official website.

    • Visit the website at
    • Go to Wood Products and select the type of wood you’re looking to buy.
    • Go to the timber page.
    • Read the details and fill up the enquiry form, including your email id, phone number, your location (country), and details of the timber you want to buy (species, dimensions, quantity, etc.)
    • Submit.

    Our team will contact you back shortly to discuss your requirements and give you a free quote.

    Make sure to double-check all the details, including the timber type, specifications, and quantities when sending your enquiry.

    Step 6: Make the Payment

    Make The Payment

    Like most online timber retailers, we at White Knight Consulting LTD offer various payment methods, including Western Union, MoneyGram, and T/T (bank-to-bank transfer).

    Once you’ve placed your order with our representative on call or Whatsapp, you can choose your preferred payment option from the available choices and make the payment for your order.

    All our payment options are highly secure. Once we’ve confirmed your payment, we’ll start processing your order immediately.

    You’ll be given a delivery timeline by our sales team upon verifying your order and payment. You’ll also receive regular updates on the order status via message and/or email.

    Step 7: Track Your Order

    Track Your Order

    If you want to track your order status or want to know the estimated delivery date, you can simply call or Whatsapp our sales team at +44 20 7193 5609 to know about the latest status of your order.

    Once your order is dispatched by us, we’ll likely provide you with a tracking link so you can check its status during transit.

    We usually send products by our own or a partner’s courier service to ensure safe & reliable shipping. Feel free to contact us for any issues related to the delivery of your product.

    Also, make sure that the delivery address is accessible for a delivery vehicle to hand over the timber safely & without damage.

    Be available at the address to accept the delivery of your timber at the given date and time.

    Step 8: Inspect and Accept the Delivery

    Wood Delivery

    When the timber arrives at your location, you must inspect the product for any damage or mismatches against the order you placed.

    If there are any issues with the product or delivery, feel free to contact us immediately to address the problem.

    If it’s all good, accept the delivery and sign off on it.

    Step 9: Store the Timber Properly

    Timber Storage

    The last step would be to properly handle and store your timber before you start working with it.

    Once you’ve received the timber, you can store it in a safe, dry, and well-ventilated area, preferably away from direct sunlight and moisture.

    Proper & safe storage will help maintain the quality and characteristics of the wood.

    At White Knight Consulting LTD, you can buy high-quality, sustainably-sourced timber at the best price in the market for your woodworking, construction, or DIY projects.

    We have over 40+ varieties of hardwood and softwood timber. We are the most reliable & reputable supplier of timber delivering high-quality products that meet industry standards.

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