How to Buy Timber with Bitcoin : A Step-by-Step Tutorial 

    Purchase timber with bitcoin

    Exciting news for our customers! The “Pay with Bitcoin” option is now live on our website. Now, you can pay with Bitcoin for all your wood purchases at White Knight Consulting LTD.

    Millions of people worldwide hold Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Well, now they can use their Bitcoin to buy solid timber and wood products from the UK’s #1 timber merchant and wood exporter.

    Why Should You Buy Timber with Bitcoin?

    There are a number of benefits of using Bitcoin to purchase timber. Here you go.

    • Buy from Anyone, Anywhere in the World

    When purchasing timber from a foreign supplier, international payments can be an issue due to high intermediary charges, limited options, and long processing time. Bitcoin solves all these payment issues, allowing you to seamlessly make payments for your timber directly to the merchant in any country or place.

    • Secure & Private

    Timber sale payments with Bitcoin are highly secure, as all blockchain transactions are encrypted and peer-to-peer without third-party involvement. Moreover, buyers and sellers do not have to reveal their identity in order to pay with Bitcoin or accept Bitcoin payments.

    • Fully Transparent Payments

    All Bitcoin payments are processed through blockchain technology, which is a publicly shared & distributed ledger of transactions, where all records are public information. In short, anyone can see details of transactions to detect or verify fraud activities if required.

    • Convenient – No Bank Account or Credit Card Is Needed

    Another benefit of timber purchase with Bitcoin is that it is the most convenient mode of payment, especially for international wood trades. You can easily pay with Bitcoin to anyone from your crypto wallet with just a few clicks and with complete security and privacy.

    • Peer-To-Peer Transactions (Low Cost)

    Bitcoin works on the blockchain technology, which is a peer-to-peer transaction technology. It means all Bitcoin payments are direct between the buyer and the seller and without any intermediaries or third parties like agents, dealers, etc., which reduces the cost (fee) of payments.

    Where to Buy Timber Online with Bitcoin

    The mainstream applications of Bitcoin are still limited. But, the good news is that now you can buy timber online with Bitcoin.

    If you’re wondering where to shop for wood using Bitcoin, you’re at the right place. You can now purchase timber using Bitcoin at

    White Knight Consulting Ltd, a UK-based multinational timber supplier and exporter, is one of the first wood merchants in the world to accept Bitcoin now. Yes, you got it right. We now accept payments in Bitcoin.

    To be honest, you’ll not find many timber websites or merchants that accept Bitcoin. But, this doesn’t mean that you cannot buy timber using Bitcoin. In fact, now you can buy timber online with Bitcoin from anywhere in the world and get doorstep delivery. Keep reading to know more.

    If you have Bitcoin and are planning to purchase world-class timber hardwood, softwood or plywood online with doorstep delivery anywhere in the world, you can use your Bitcoin to pay for timber. Using Bitcoin to buy timber is fast, convenient and secure. Moreover, you can avoid paying high fees to middlemen, dealers and payment companies. Bitcoin transactions are peer-to-peer and cost much less than traditional payments.

    We understand that international payment transactions can be expensive, as they involve high exchange fees and broker commissions. This is particularly bad for small businesses and can decrease their profit margins. This is why we introduced the “pay with Bitcoin” option for our timber export business.

    Any buyer purchasing timber from our website can choose to pay with Bitcoin.

    For those new here, White Knight Consulting Ltd is a UK-based timber manufacturer & supplier and wood consulting services provider that delivers its wood products and services in more than 20 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and the Middle East. Contact us to purchase timber using Bitcoin.

    How to Timber Purchase with Bitcoin at

    If you hold Bitcoin and plan to use it for your next purchase of wood at, here’s your step-by-step guide to buying timber using Bitcoin on our website.

    1. Visit

    Visit our website and go to products.

    As you can see, we have products categorised by their origin. You can choose from African hardwoods, South American woods, Russian timber, South Asian species, North American wood, and more.

    2. Choose the Wood You Want to Buy

    Once you find the wood that you’re looking to buy, scroll down and click “Inquiry Now.”

    This will open a quotation form.

    Enter your name, select the wood from the dropdown, and provide other details. Make sure to mention “pay with Bitcoin” in your message. Also, provide as much detail about your wood requirement as possible. Click Submit.

    3. We Get Back to You

    Once we receive your message, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours via email or phone to further discuss your timber requirements and provide information about timber availability and price. Since you chose Bitcoin as your payment option, we’ll also tell you the process to pay for your order.

    In fact, we’ll give you a Bitcoin wallet address, where you can send your payment.

    Once we confirm your payment, you’ll receive your order details via email along with a delivery timeline. Make sure to provide your correct email address and contact details when placing your order to buy timber using bitcoin to get timely information on your order status.

    Bitcoin payments are usually instant. However, if the payment is delayed or failed for some reason, we’ll let you know the status accordingly.

    Feel free to contact our sales/support team at +44 20 7193 5609 for all your queries or if you need assistance with timber purchase with Bitcoin.

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