types of wood slabs

10 Aug

A Close Look at Different Types of Wood Slabs

A wood slab refers to a flat piece of wood, generally large enough to be used as a tabletop or…

Sitka Spruce wood

07 Aug

All You Need to Know About Sitka Spruce Properties & Uses

Sitka Spruce is a softwood originating from a conifer tree called Picea sitchensis, which primarily grows in Northwestern North America.…

FSC certified Wood

01 Aug

Ultimate Guide to FSC-Certified Wood : A Sustainable Choice

When shopping around for good quality timber for your next project, your major concerns might include the wood quality, cost,…

eucalyptus vs teak wood

27 Jul

Eucalyptus vs Teak : Which is a Better Choice? 

Hardwoods are often preferred over softwood and other wood alternatives for practically all kinds of projects because of their beautiful…

buy timber online

24 Jul

From Selection to Delivery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Timber Online

When looking to buy timber, you have many options. You can approach your local timber store or contact a woodworking…

types of wood decking

20 Jul

Different Types of Wood Decking: Which One is Right for You?

A wooden deck is a type of wooden platform generally used outside a house (on the lawn) or in a…

woodworking for beginners

18 Jul

Woodworking for Beginners : The Ultimate Guide

Woodworking refers to the process of using wood to make a variety of objects like furniture, cabinets, and decorative items.…

best wood for furniture making

13 Jul

The Best Wood for Furniture Making : Top Choices Unveiled

Wood is generally the most common choice for furniture making because of its natural appeal, strength and durability. But, not…

timber harvesting methods

10 Jul

A Comprehensive Look at Timber Harvesting Methods & Process

Timber harvesting refers to the practice of cutting, moving, and storing timber for commercial use. In modern times, the word…

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